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Three Signs That You Need To Visit A Tire Shop

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Every driver should take an active interest in his or her vehicle; even if you aren't keen on learning the inner workings of your engine, you should start with understanding your tires. When tires have the proper amount of tread, they allow you to safely control your vehicle in all types of conditions – but as this tread wears out, your safety begins to get compromised. As such, it's valuable to be able to evaluate when your tread wear is getting dangerously low. While there as specific tasks you can perform to check your tread depth, the first step is often to notice the response of your tires when you're behind the wheel. Here are three signs that it's time to visit a tire shop.

Spinning Your Tires In OK Conditions

While it can be common to spin your tires when the road is covered in ice, snow or even water, make a point of noticing how your tires react when the road is dry. Unless you're accelerating very aggressively from a standing stop, your tires should not spin on dry road conditions. However, if your tires spin – even briefly – before gripping the road and propelling you forward, it's a sign that your tread depth is inadequate and that it would be beneficial to visit a tire shop for a new set of tires.

Excessive Vibration

When you're driving along, your tires should provide you with a smooth ride. However, if you're experiencing excessive vibration – especially when you travel at highway speed – it's often a sign that your tires are wearing out. You can detect the vibration in several different ways, including feeling or seeing your hands vibrating slightly as you grip the steering wheel. Although some other issues can cause vibration, such as a poor front-end alignment, it's still a good idea to visit your local tire shop to have the problem assessed by an expert.

Emergence Of New Noises

Every driver should have an approximate idea of how his or her tires sound at different speeds. If you've begun to notice that your tires are making new noises – or you're simply aware of your tire noise more than usual – it's a sign that your treads are worn out and the tires are close to being bald. It's important to act quickly by visiting a tire shop to have tires replaced to help keep you as safe as possible on the road.

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