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A Clear Understanding Of Tire Repair Options For Common Types Of Damage

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The tires on vehicles encounter a lot of wear and tear that can lead to premature damage. Driving conditions are affected by roads that need repairs and objects such as nails or glass laying in the pathway of vehicles being driven. The condition of tires might also be affected by car accidents, and sometimes situations such as a tire blowout lead to accidents. It is worth the effort of drivers to determine if their tire damages are suitable for tire repairs. The following points identify a few types of damages and repair options.

Flat Tires

A flat tire may occur while a vehicle is being driven or a slow leak can occur resulting in a driver discovering a flat tire unexpectedly. If the flat occurs while a vehicle is being driven, the driver might be able to drive a short distance. There are several factors that will determine if a safe repair can be made. The most significant factor will be the tire pressure during the flat time. If the pressure goes too low, it might result in damages that are irreparable. If a parked car has a flat tire, it is best to put on the spare tire. A tire technician can inspect the flat to determine what caused the flat and whether it can be repaired. 

Punctured Tires

Tire repair options will depend on the extent of the puncture. Nail punctures are likely to afford drivers the option to get repairs. Whereas, punctures that occur from high-impact such as hitting a pothole or those from shards of glass will likely require a replacement. Technicians can inspect and may use the size of the damages and other factors such as the overall condition of the tire to make a recommendation.

Previously Repaired Tires

This type of situation will depend on several things. If the new damages are located in the same area or near a previous repair, the driver may have to get a replacement. Technicians can identify prior repairs and determine whether a new repair is safe. Common techniques such as tire plugging and patching may be acceptable. Sometimes drivers utilize their own quick fixes with over-the-counter products designed for temporary tire inflation. This decision will likely result in them not being able to get a tire repaired even if the original damages were minor. 

A tire shop is the best resource to use to determine whether it is safe to repair tires. It might seem convenient to complete a do-it-yourself repair with a safety kit and the surface results might appear impressive, but there are many things that can go wrong with this decision. Even small mistakes could lead to a serious car accident involving death, injuries, or property losses.

For more information, contact a tire repair shop near you.